Important (Update 10/16/20):

Due to Coronavirus DAC is curbside only. We ask that you please call or text 706-278-1113 upon arrival. Also, if just picking up medication or food please ring the doorbell for assistance. DAC will be here as much as possible to care for your pets during this pandemic. We will adjust if necessary due to the public health mandates or employee availability. DAC wants to do our part to help limit the spread of this virus. 


Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Fully Stocked Pharmacy

When considering options for purchasing medication, pet owners have many choices, including online pharmacies and mail-order catalogs. Who can offer you the most reliable and personalized service? Who has the most complete medical information on your pets, and the ability to anticipate drug interactions or other problems that can result from inappropriately administering medication? Before you purchase your next prescription or medication refill, ask us about our fully stocked pharmacy. Also many medications have rebates available!

You and your pet will benefit from our well-stocked pharmacy. We maintain a large inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical products and medications, including flea, tick, and heartworm preventive products. You can rely on us whether your pet requires medication for a chronic medical condition or needs short-term medication while recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery. When you purchase medications from our pharmacy, you can rest assured that your pet’s medications were obtained from safe, reliable sources and stored under optimal conditions. Our trained staff will fill your prescriptions with care as well as attention to detail and your pet’s specific needs. You can count on us to provide you with accurate information about your pet’s medications, including proper dosing information, and to alert you to any potential drug side effects or interactions. We are also here if you experience any problems with your medication after you return home. Help is only a phone call away!

If you want to be sure to get the most value for your dollars, as well as convenience and the best customer service, call us for your next prescription or medication refill. We are pleased to provide our clients with a fully stocked pharmacy, and we stand behind every product that we dispense.

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Foster is going to help me show you guys how to give pills and liquid medications at home to a dog.

Video Transcript:

Dr. Jessica Bianco

Dalton Animal Care


Foster is going to help me show you guys how to give pills and liquid medications at home to a dog. Pills can come in all sizes and, if you need to, you can hide them in a pill pocket, cheese, squeeze cheese, regular cheese, lunch meat, peanut butter, marshmallows, or hot dogs. For now, I'm just going to take this treat and show you guys how to give it. If they won't take it from you in a treat or in food, you'll have to poke it down. To do that safely, hold their top jaw, push their bottom teeth down, push your hand all the way to the back of their throat - really smoothly along the tongue - and let them swallow. Good job, buddy.

Another type of medication you guys may be asked to give your dog at home is a liquid medication. It'll come where you can draw it up in either a syringe or a dropper, and once you've done that, I like to go into the corner of their mouth so that it's harder for them to spit it out, and gently start to push as they swallow. Good job, buddy.

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