Cat Grooming

Grooming is about more than just making your cat look good – these services can help your cat feel better as well, assisting in controlling external parasites, soothing skin conditions, and keeping wounds clean after surgery or injury.

Dalton Animal Care South is proud to offer a some grooming services for cats of all shapes and sizes: baths, and shave downs. Visit our clinic complete range of grooming services.

Grooming is recommended for most pets every 4-6 weeks. Besides obvious cosmetic improvements, grooming has medical benefits, which include:

  • Decreases/soothes many skin conditions
  • Prevents and eliminates parasites
  • Seasonal hair removal

Whittney Padgett has been a full time groomer and manager of Platinum Pets for the past 5 years. Also, for the last 2 years she has worked and trained with Kelly Knight, a Certified Master Groomer and their team was rated in the top 5 of GroomTeamUSA. Baths and specialty cuts are offered at Wizard of Paws.

To give the best service, we appreciate appointments to be made at least one day in advance. Our baths and grooming service includes nail trim and grind, ear cleaning, a blueberry facial and anal gland expression. We use the best hygiene products so your pet is clean and pretty, and these products are also available for you to purchase and use at home.

Call or text 706-278-1113 for appointment or with questions.