Round up for Ranger Foundation

Roundup For Ranger Foundation


Ranger was 50 pounds of joy and an all-around great dog. Wild and free, yet he was the nanny to our family, taking care of everyone including Amos the cat. Ranger told his family every night when it was time to go to bed, when to get up in the morning, when to eat, and when to be outside. He knew everything going on in and around the house and yard. He was a true Brittany who was curious, loved to play, and loved to chase any critter with enough moxie to wander over or under his fence…rabbits, skunks, snakes, groundhogs, possums, birds, squirrels, even crawdads who crawled out of the stream. Ranger taught us that tomato juice really doesn’t work for “skunked dogs” and that it is possible to chase a groundhog up a tree.

Once, he saved Amos’ life. Amos, an independent stray cat, got into a fight and ended up with a terrible injury to his eye. He ran away from the porch, and we looked for him all night. The next morning, Ranger took us to a pile of leaves and insisted we look there. Sure enough, there we found Amos. Later, Dr. Moore removed his injured eye. Ranger and Amos buddied up and the two of them lived happily together for several years. Ranger simply had a wonderful quality of caring and taking care of everything that happened around our home.

Our Ranger was 10 years old in 2020 when he passed suddenly from Myesthenia Gravis. We love him and miss him every day. To honor Ranger and his caring and helpful nature, the Roundup for Ranger Foundation was established with the hope that Ranger’s spirit will live on in kindness for other beloved animals. Dalton Animal Care was chosen for outstanding veterinary care, compassion and caring for all animals and families they serve. 


Contributions made to the Roundup for Ranger Foundation will be used to provide financial support for Dalton Animal Care pet patients in need. If you would like to financially contribute to the Roundup for Ranger Foundation, please speak with a Dalton Animal Care team member.