Effective Immediately, due to Coronavirus DAC will limit the number of clients in our lobby. We ask that no more than 3 be present at one time. PLEASE call or text 706-278-1113 before coming in. Also, if just picking up we request whenever possible to pay by phone before pick up and call when you are here. It will be brought to your car. DAC will be here as much as possible to care for your pets during this pandemic. We will adjust if necessary due to public health mandates or employee availability. DAC wants to do our part to help limit the spread of this virus 

Virtual Visits

Gain Access to Your Family Veterinarian From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

We are so thrilled to now be offering telemedicine services to our clients in the form of “Virtual Visits”.

virtual visits dalton animal careDalton Animal Care wants to support our pet families as safely and comprehensively as possible. Telemedicine allows us to begin assessing and treating your pet even before we are able to perform a hands-on physical exam. Lots of things can limit your availability to come to our clinic: work schedules, family commitments, personal health constraints, patient behavior and anxieties, global health pandemics… You name it! At your pet’s virtual visit, our veterinarians will use telephone, email, pictures, and even video conferencing if needed to assess your pet’s health status and needs.

If you are concerned about your pet’s health, you may call a receptionist and schedule Virtual Visits just like any other appointment. There are limitations to telemedicine, and a follow-up exam or diagnostic tests may be recommended. Even if we still want to see your pet in person, we can begin triaging, assessing, preparing for, and treating your pet before you even walk through our doors! This service allows you to explore your pet’s medical options from the comfort of your home and make the best decisions for them. Your pet will still be diagnosed and treated appropriately for their condition based on the veterinarian’s judgment and following the standards of care set forth by DAC, GVMA, and FDA. Please feel free to contact us for further details about this exciting new service!

** Not all medical conditions are amenable to this platform and all options will be covered during your appointment scheduling call. This is NOT suitable for wellness, puppy, or kitten visits.

virtual visits dalton animal care